RadioPigeon (E11)'s Website

Hello this RadioPigeon's website!

Before we take a look at my website,if you have any questions or ideas you can contact RadioPigeon on his channel or on websdr utwente netherlands.

What does RadioPigeon (Adi) do on this website?

This is a very good question. What I do on this website is post waterfall of the stations I have caught. I update this page when I can. There will be a date to see if the website was updated.

RadioPigeon's E11 message --> E11

This is E11 with weak signal. E11 is found at random frequencies but you can use to find them

How can I contact RadioPigeon?

Great question. You can find him on WebSDR Utwente Netherlands. Or on his channel.
This is radiopigeons youtube channel.
But you are probably asking. Where is the link to WebSDR Utwente?
Here it is. Sure,the website security may say its not safe but everything is okay and safe.

Okay now we will learn about number stations and creepy radios.

What is a number station?

Answer: Number stations are stations that are owned by governments and are being listened to by a spy. Yes there are real spies.

And the number station voices (people who talk) on the microphone are computer generated voices that say messages that only spies can decrypt with their one time pad. Person without a one time pad CAN NOT decrypt the messages

Can you list the frequencies for number stations or military stations?

Before we answer this one. Military stations are radio stations owned by militaries such as russian military,US military and more.

Now onto the answer. I cant list number station frequencies because they are random but you can use to see what frequency the station will be on

But can I list military stations?

Yes I can!

These below are russian military stations

  • 4625 kHz The Buzzer (UVB-76)
  • 3423 kHz The Goose
  • 5473 The Squeaky Wheel
  • 5448/3756 kHz The Pip
  • Israeli Air Force

  • 3865 5123 5581 6224 6265 6330 7651 8797 8847 9219
  • 6933 7655 7961 8063 8841 8917 9057 10004 10216 14060
  • 8234 10642 11246 12251 13367 14453 15940 16730 19602 22850
  • Other military stations can be found on

    When you enter you see this timer. This timer tells you on what frequency where a number station will broadcast. When the timer passes that means the station should start broadcasting. If you dont know where to go to listen to the station just click on the blue text.

    This is what you see when you enter WebSDR Utwente

    When I finish this website there will be links to what you need to get started in shortwave radio (number stations)

    The thing I circled is where you enter the frequency and you can set the mode either to USB,AM,CW,LSB,AMSync

    I got this question alot: Where are the locations of these number stations?

    This is a very good question. I cant answer where the locations are but you can contact radiopigeon on websdr or his youtube channel to locate a number station.

    UVB-76 Location (Bad Image Quality)

    Fun fact

    Number stations were used in world war 2 and probably world war 1 but for WW1 it hasnt been confirmed still. Number stations in WW2 were used by spies and are still today. Governments never talked about these number stations.

    lincolnshire poacher used in many number stations. Listen below

    Link to the UVB-76 Scream below:

    UVB-76 Scream

    UVB-76 Scream

    Theories on what happened here.

  • Could have been a radio or another station accidently inteferring on the frequency.
  • Could have been a radio troll interferring on purpose.
  • a phone or a TV might have been close to the microphone
  • I am gonna go with number 2.

    Why did I pick number 2?

    On this station in 2012 (the exact year the scream was broadcasted) there was piano music and roosters and other creepy stuff that this station never plays. So the mystery has been solved 8 years later on 27.4.2020 22:30:10 Mystery Solved.

    Has anyone wrote down the messages that appear on UVB-76 sometimes?

    Yes they did! heres what they said: "Ya UVB-76, Ya UVB-76. 180 08 BROMAL 74 27 99 14. Boris, Roman, Olga, Mikhail, Anna, Larisa. 7 4 2 7 9 9 1 4"

    UVB-76, UVB-76. 93 882 NAIMINA 74 14 35 74. 9 3 8 8 2 Nikolai, Anna, Ivan, Mikhail, Ivan, Nikolai, Anna. 7 4 1 4 3 5 7 4